1. Ionization of 3He in EBIS

Analysis of the energy deposited by the electron beam in EBIS. There is sufficient power to fully ionize all 3He in the beam path.

2. Gas Flow into EBIS

Possible configuration to achieve the correct flow rate of 3He from a 1 Torr pumping cell into EBIS at 10-7 Torr.

3. 3He Depolarization

Analysis of depolarization caused by magnetic field gradients in the pumping cell and in a possible transfer line.

4. Magnetic Field Gradients in EBIS

Magnetic field gradients exist in EBIS because of the 10A electron beam. It is believed they do not pose a significant depolarization threat.

5. A Possible Correction Coil Configuration

A possible configuration for the pumping cell and a correction coil to extend depolarization times into an acceptable range.