Classic Papers

Polarization of He3 Gas by Optical Pumping FD Colegrove, LD Schearer, and GK Walters (1963).

NMR Calibration of Optical Measurement of Nuclear Polarization in 3He W Lorenzon, TR Gentile, H Gao, RD McKeown (1993).

Nuclear Spin-Lattice Relaxation in the Presence of Magnetic-Field Gradients LD Schearer and GK Walters (1965).

Evaluation of the collision stopping power of elements and compounds for electrons and positrons SM Seltzer and MJ Berger (1981).

Nuclear Relaxation of 3He Gas on Various Solid Surfaces RS Timsit, JM Daniels, AD May (1971).

Polarized 3He Internal Target Development at MIT

The spin dependent momentum distribution of the neutron and the proton in helium-3. Kevin Kar Lee, PhD Thesis, 1996.

Spin-dependent deep inelastic positron scattering from a polarized helium-3 internal gas target. Dirk de Schepper, PhD Thesis, 1997.

Workshop on Polarized 3He Beams and Targets. Princeton, NJ, 1984. AIP Conference Proceedings, No. 131. Edited by R.W. Dunford and F.P. Calaprice. Table of ContentsPicture of Participants.

International Committee for Future Accelerators: Beam Dynamics Newsletter. Sponsored by the Particles and Fields Commission of IUPAP. Edited by J Wei and Lia Merminga, 2003.

He3(e,e') Quasielastic Asymmetry.  CE Jones, et al.  1992.

A Cryogenic Storage Cell for Polarized Internal Gas Targets.  LH Kramer, JF Kelsey, RG Milner, P Winn, and J McGuire.  1995.

(Some) Theory Predictions for Polarized He-3 (neutron).  Zhong-Bo Kang, 2010.

Measurement of the Neutron Magnetic Form Factor from Inclusive Quasielastic Scattering of Polarized Electrons from Polarized 3He. Haiyan Gao, PhD Thesis, 1994.

A Measurement of the Spin-Dependent Asymmetry in Quasielastic Scattering of Polarized Electrons from Polarized 3He. Cathleen Elaine Jones, PhD Thesis, 1992.

High Field Optical Pumping

Metastability Exchange Optical Pumping of Helium-3 In Situ.  G. Collier, PhD Thesis.  2011.

Metastability Exchange Optical Pumping of Helium-3 at High Pressures and 1.5 T: Comparison of two Optical Pumping Transitions M Abboud, A Sinatra, G Tastevin, PJ Nacher, and X Maitre (2005).

High nuclear polarization of 3He at low and high pressure by metastability exchange optical pumping at 1.5 tesla M Abboud, A Sinatra, X Maitre, G Tastevin, PJ Nacher (2004).

Metastability exchange optical pumping of 3He at high pressure and high magnetic field for medical applications A Nikiel, T Palasz, M Suchanek, M Abboud, A Sinatra, Z Olejniczak, T Dohnalik, G Tastevin, PJ Nacher (2007).

Optical measurement of 3He nuclear polarization for metastable exchange optical pumping studies at high magnetic field K Suchanek, M Suchanek, A Nikiel, T Palasz, M Abboud, A Sinatra, PJ Nacher, G Tastevin, Z Olejniczak, T Dohnalik (2007).

An accurate optical technique for measuring the nuclear polarisation of 3He gas C Talbot, M Batz, PJ Nacher, G Tastevin (2011).

Polarized Fusion

Fusion Reactor Plasmas with Polarized Nuclei.  R.M. Kulsrud et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. vol. 49, 1248 (1982).

Spin Polarized Fusion. RJ Knize, Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University.  1986.

Use of Polarized Helium-3 for Energy Production.  Y. Tomita et al., NIM A, vol. 402, 421 (1998).

The 3He(d,p)-4He reaction with polarized and unpolarized target and polarized deuteron beam at Ed = 430 keV. Ch Leemann, H Burgisser, P Huber, et al. 1971.

Investigation of the 3He(d,p)-4He Reaction with Polarized Beam and Target at 430 keV. Ch Leeman, H Burgisser, P Huber, et al. 1970.

The Status of "Polarized Fusion". H. Paetz, 2010.

Fusion of Polarized Deuterons.  H.M. Hofmann and D. Fick, Phys. Rev. Lett. vol. 52, 2038 (1984).

He3 Electric Dipole Moment

Nuclear Electric Dipole Moment of 3He.  I. Stetcu, C.-P. Liu, J. L. Friar, A. C. Hayes, P. Navratil, 2008.

Notes on He3 EDM.  Brad Filippone, 2012.

Search for a permanent electric dipole moment of the deuteron nucleus at the 10−29 e · cm level.   D. Anastassopoulos, et al.  2008.